Pregnancy Post Reversal And Partial Bowel Resection

I have decided against surgery to repair large abdominal hernia as will delay trying for a baby as pregnancy would probably cause it to come back so I had my contraceptive implant removed today! 

My question is about people’s experience getting pregnant post reversal. I have been told that all the scar tissue around my right ovary from ileostomy and then reversal will block the Fallopian tube on that side. Also have other issues like pcos and history of chemo which may impact fertility although had a drug to try to protect ovaries.

also does anyone know if loss of part of large bowel and large portion of small bowel will affect things like folic acid absorption? Have to have b12 injections but so far all other vitamin levels etc fine.

in terms of the abdominal hernia – apparently from my abdominal wall opening at site of incision several months after surgery – anyone had a pregnancy with such a hernia – under right breast and so big I already look pregnant! 

I have also been told not to worry about it in terms of pregnancy and would actually give more room for a baby!

also been advised to have six week scan if get pregnant to ensure not ectopic pregnancy on right side.

any advice or info most appreciated.

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Pregnancy Post Reversal And Partial Bowel Resection