Colostomy Reversal 4 Weeks Ago – Bloody Motions & Basically No Control – Normal?

I had a colostomy for 13 months due to undiagnosed diverticulitis, which perforated my bowel.

I had an emergency Hartmann’s procedure.

My surgeon informed me from the get to that I would be a good candidate for reversal, as he had left 10cm of my colon.

My reversal was mid-December 2017.

My surgery went well and I have healed from my wounds as expected.

However, I struggle to find information on what to expect in regards to toileting after the refersal.

My surgeon basically said that my bowel function should return to normal (due to having sufficient colon left).

However, my experience to date has not been as I would have expected.

I have always passed blood since my reversal, along with bits and pieces of faeces.

As time has passed, however, I’m now finding more urgency, frequent night trips to the toilet, the inability to fart without it being bloody… It’s horrible!

I would have expected that things would be gradually improving, ie, more formed stools, minimal/no bloody, better control, etc.

I had my first appointment with my surgeon since the reversal scheduled last Friday, and it was cancelled at the last minute because he had to do surgery.

I was gutted! I was eagerly awaiting my appointment so I could ask him questions about what’s going on with me.

I have had Proctitis/colitis in the past – around 13 years ago, which has not been a problem.

However, these symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of my proctitis.

I’m wondering whether my bloodied expulsions are a normal part of this journey, or whether my surgery has perhaps triggered my colitis.

I doubt anyone can really answer my questions, however, I’m curious to know if others had a lot of blood expelled (well, it’s not a lot, but it’s always there) in those early weeks/months after their reversal? Or did you just have difficulty controlling/holding on – which gets better over time.

The problem with the blood is that I can’t even fart safely – so I have to sprint to the toilet just to fart. Do you know how often we fart every day, without even knowing it!!! I do!

I did go back to work but have had a few days off because I just couldn’t handle having to be 3 metres away from the toilet, and having everyone in the office see me go in and out all day. I can’t focus on my role when all I’m worried about is if I’m going to crap myself or do a wet fart before I get into the toilet!


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Colostomy Reversal 4 Weeks Ago – Bloody Motions & Basically No Control – Normal?

Colostomy Reversal

Hi guys

I’m home lying in bed from a procedure to see if my rectum is in good shape for reversal. 

I was wondering if anybody has had the same situation as me. And if so how was the healing process?

I had cervical cancer 8 years ago. A year later I ended up in Hospital with stomach poison. The general surgeon cut me open to fix an area of radiation damage to the sigmoid COLON. He decided he didn’ want to do it and put a colostomy. I’ve had it 7 years and have made the best of it with no complications. I recently went to a specialist and he said today that my rectum is clean and healthy and he can go in  and reconnect me. I’m excited but very nervous. He said I would most likely have an ileostomy for 6wks to allow the resection to heal before allowing bowel in it. He did tell me that most of his patients will say at one point that they wish they still had the bag. He said I have to be positive and trust him that in time everything will get back to normal. Have any of you experienced this?

Thanks Love Shug

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Colostomy Reversal

Ostomy Reversal

Hi all – five months ago I had to have an emergency colostomy due to diverticulitis and then developed an abcess in my leg which meant another surgery the next day.  I was septic and the doctors told my husband and son ” to prepare themselves”  I was in the hospital for l3 days and during that time was unconsious for about  a week.  Obviously the very worst thing that has even happened to me.  The doctor also told me later it was the worse case of diverticulitis he  has ever seen.  He said the reversal would be very complicated due to the amount of colon he  had to take out and because of all of the scarring in me.  He has referred me to a colon/rectal guy who lI see in a month.  Quite frankly I am terrified to go back into the hospital and  have surgery and maybe come out as I went in or worse.  Has anyone had a similiar situation.  Thank you so much!

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Ostomy Reversal

Considering Reversal

I am new to this site and wanted to join to learn more about having a reversal done.  I go for a colonoscopy on 1/9 to make sure everything looks good and a reversal can be completed.  I had a sigmoid colostomy done in March 2016.  I have Crohn’s disease but my Crohn’s has been in remission and well controlled for the last 18 months or so.  I don’t mind the colostomy and have been OK mentally dealing with the lifestyle change but if a reversal can be done, I want it reversed.  My biggest fear is having to live in the bathroom again.  Before my colostomy I would be in the bathroom for hours b/c of Crohn’s and IBS.  If I have the reversal, I don’t want to spend my life in the bathroom nor not have a life due to the fear of being too far away from the bathroom. 

I have a great career and great family.  I don’t want to lose my job or my family due to the bathroom. 

Any advice, comments, or concerns is greatly appreciated.

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Considering Reversal

Third Chance At Reversal

Hey guys. I haven’t posted in awhile so here’s an update. 6/16 ostomy due to diverticulitis, sigmoid colon removed. 1/17 reversal done. 3/16 reversal unsuccessful due to leakage, sepsis and near death thing. Back in bag. 9/17 take down again but wake up to illostomy for reattachment recovery.12/17 went in for illostomy take down and wake up with bag again! Turn’s out colon not dilated enough. Since then I’ve gone through two colon dilation procedure’s with another day after to marrow. I’m really, really trying to be patient and go with what needs to be done but waking up with that bag after the last hospital visit got to me a lot. I’m fighting off depression as best I can but its getting tough. After four surgery’s my body looks like a 2 year old tried to draw a tic tac toe board on me. I’m not really concerned with how I look, but I am worried about how I feel. I’ve got a lot of surface pain spot’s and numbness. Oh and I don’t have to worry about making babies anymore. Thank goodness that’s OK by me. Anyhow, I hope this next dilation is the last and I can finally get my bag removed for the last time. Happy new year everybody and god bless.

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Third Chance At Reversal