Colostomy Reversal

Hi guys

I’m home lying in bed from a procedure to see if my rectum is in good shape for reversal. 

I was wondering if anybody has had the same situation as me. And if so how was the healing process?

I had cervical cancer 8 years ago. A year later I ended up in Hospital with stomach poison. The general surgeon cut me open to fix an area of radiation damage to the sigmoid COLON. He decided he didn’ want to do it and put a colostomy. I’ve had it 7 years and have made the best of it with no complications. I recently went to a specialist and he said today that my rectum is clean and healthy and he can go in  and reconnect me. I’m excited but very nervous. He said I would most likely have an ileostomy for 6wks to allow the resection to heal before allowing bowel in it. He did tell me that most of his patients will say at one point that they wish they still had the bag. He said I have to be positive and trust him that in time everything will get back to normal. Have any of you experienced this?

Thanks Love Shug

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Colostomy Reversal