Ostomy Reversal & Cosmetic Surgery Outcomes

I am a healhy 47 year old that have always excersized and taken pride and care of myself, athletic ..etc. On December 22nd 2017, I went to poop that morning and ended up in excruciating pain. Went to the Emergency room…after 2-3 hours, they told me my colon had ruptured. They removed 9 inches of my sigmoid colon, surgery lasted 3.5 hours because I was so septic and almost died. Spent 11 days in the hospital and I am left with a colostomy bag and have been told that I can reverse my condition in 4 months.  in addition, I had an open wound and just got off the wound vac machine this wesk.


 Any advice or help is appreciated!!!

While I faced death, I am happy to be alive but devastated this happened to me.

I am looking for support here:
1.) Should I be worried about the reversal success?
2.) Anyone ever go to a cosmetic surgeon to repair their scars?  They cut me around the right side of my belly button then straight down.  I know it’s early…but I will want to cosmetically change my belly button and at least have my scar asymmetrical.



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Ostomy Reversal & Cosmetic Surgery Outcomes