Reversal Is Friday – Pretty Scared

  Hi, All.I decided to do it. Friday morning I am going to have a reversal. I just had the colostomy August 22 – so this is pretty soon (from what folks on here have said) but my doctor is very confident. Course he is the guy who punctured my colon during a hernia repair. Perotonitis came next – then – The Bag…

The last surgery almost did me in – literally. I admit to being really, really scared about this next one. I don’t have an infection this time and my doctor’s partner is going to do this one with him. I have lost 50 pounds and am strong now.  I just can’t get past this fear that I am on the way "out".

Wish me luck! I should be in the hospital for 5 or 6 days and depending on how I am doing – I may have to spend some time in rehab (we live on the second floor and I have to be able to climb the stairs before I can come home again). I will log on before I go to the hospital and after I get back to let you know how it turned out.

Thanks for all the advice and kind words I have received here.


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Reversal Is Friday – Pretty Scared

Countdown To Reversal

Hi guys! how are you all doing?
Just to tell you that my reversal is next week *O*, on november 11th. i’m just so anxious about it!
I want to thank you all for the support in these 4 months, you’ve been a great part of my emotional recovery…Wish I could hug you all!

Wish me luck!


P.S: Any tips for the next big recovery?

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Countdown To Reversal

Transverse Colostomy Reversals

I am fairly new to this site and have posted comments to other’s threads and now am posting my own story. My son who is 38 years old and developmentally handicapped is having his reversal done on Monday, March 26th.
He is pretty nervous about this but happy to be having it done. It has been a very long road for him since August 18/11 when he took extremely ill with Fournier’s Gangrene and had massive abdominal surgery on that date. They did a transverse to let his rectal area heal. His spincter muscles are not as strong as the surgeon would like them to be but he wants to try a reversal. She cannot say for sure if he will have problems but he is prepared to try. We have been given the option to have a further colostomy done much lower in his abdomen should we wish to do so at a later date.
I am so thankful for all of your posts and have learned so much by reading each one’s story. I am watching Dave in Canada very closely and am very happy that he is "on his way back".  Also Darla has been posting wonderful information and makes me laugh along the way. What a gal!
Keep posting your stories as I am learning something new every day to help me when the time comes to help my son to get back to his "normal" self.

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Transverse Colostomy Reversals

Reversal Stories…PLease Post. Good And Bad

I want this to be a topic of the month as everyone seems to think that reversal is the answer..I want people who have great stories to post here as well as any other bad or not so good stories to post here…I want everyone to hear all the good and bad………..Please share,    as I personally believe the medical establishment hangs the proverbial "reversal carrot" out for those of us that are chronically ill and believing that its better than Ostomy( because they dont get it, that it can be great, life altering, life enhancing, life giving and just plain great)…Period…

For those of you without chronic illness and had an emergency surgery for some reason,  Yes I do believe reversal can make you whole again,  However those with chronic illness,  I believe it s like wishing on a star….a false hope and one that hurts us more than helps us in the long run as well as it doesnt help us to accept the current situation and to move on with our journey………

I look foward to hearing  stories, both the good ones and the not so good ones………Michael

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Reversal Stories…PLease Post. Good And Bad

Reasons For Reversal

I recently had an ileostomy in February. Unfortunately, I had a doctor who completely mislead myself and my mother into believing that I wouldn’t need a bag and he could reconnect my colon. He completely betrayed my trust and needless to say, I won’t be going back to him again. I’ve only recently decided to find a new gastroenterologist since I was so betrayed by my previous doctor. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has had reversals simply because they WANTED one. I know there are a lot of circumstances in which ileostomies are temporary, but I’d like to know if anyone has had one simply because they asked for one. My doctor did not remove my anus or rectum or whatever the proper term is, so I know that technically it’s still possible to reverse my ileostomy, but I know there needs to be other conditions met before a doctor would consider reversing it. Any info or tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Reasons For Reversal

Back Home Post Op. Reversal Done!

well that was a tad upleasant!

i had my revarsal on the 15th november and today is the first day i have felt any were near ok.
there has been a lot of pain and a lot of constipation. i have so far not trusted a fart and for good reson.
i have worked out that if i take around 7 mil of lactolose morning and evening i can manage a poo but with out it i am unable to push anything out. if i take the stated 15 mil then i am in agony for he whole experience.
the worst pain is the incisional hernia repair, which was fixed with mesh 12inch by 9 inch it was a lage hernia, he has managed to tuck a lot of it back in but i will never have the flat tum i did 2 years ago.
i  have a large amount of novo mini caps which i now dont need. they are very handy for swimming or intimate times. i used them for my egular bag.
if you would like some let me know and i will send (just send me the stamps/postage)

thing’s i did not expect
waking from the op with a tube up my bum and 2 stiches holding it in. very painfull
a tuby grip bandage around my tum which needs to be here for 3 months
swift recovery time
not being able to get control back more quickly.
waking up with a tube down my nose and in to my tum, very unplesant
having a large drain pulled ut of my side when various bit’s of me were stuck on it. felt like being disembowled, and nice for visitors to hear the screams.
funny thing pain , when it is over it is all forgotton.
at some stage i am sure i will be pleased i have had my reversal , but right now is not that day.
sunny x

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Back Home Post Op. Reversal Done!

Severe Nausea, Pain & Bloatedness After Reversal

Hi I’m a newby so forgive my lack of knowledge but wondered after reading the boards if anyone after having a stoma reversed could offer any help on recovery time.

My husband had a reversal of his Ileostomy 20th July 2010.

In Jan 2010 he woke up with stoma bag after a 10hr emergency surgery to save his life after a Pancreas Transplant went wrong.
Currently he is in a lot of pain, abdomen very swollen, bloated feeling all the time, severe nausea & has gained 11lb yet hasnt eaten.

He was thinking he would be back at work within two weeks but reading the forum it sounds like years rather than weeks!!
Thankyou in advance. Kizzed x

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Severe Nausea, Pain & Bloatedness After Reversal

Successful Ostomy Reversal

I am almost 3 weeks since reversal date and all has gone well.  Haven’t needed pain meds for 3 days now and am sleeping on my sides again so all that is big progress for me.  The large gaping hole where my stoma was is closing up more each day.  I have times where I am running to the bathroom to get there on time, but not always.  I mostly feel in control but am comforted by being able to have a restroom nearby available.  There are days I go several times a day and others twice.  No loose bms. My hemorrhoid friends are back occasionally and if there is one plus to a colostomy it is not having those pia things around.  After major complications with my first surgery I was very scared going into this one, but I found a new surgeon and hospital with this surgeon being a colorectal specialist, which I highly recommend.
I have recently started to go on short shopping trips and outings again too so I really feel I am getting my life back.  Can’t wait for the hole in my tummy to close completely and forthe first time in almost a year be with hubby with nothing but the real me in my frontal areas!  

Wanted to share the success to give hope to others as I think too many folks get rid of the bag and don’t bother posting as it is a time that I’d like to forget, but we need to hear success and not forget those who need the hope and support of those who have been there.  
Need to look into donating my supplies locally now!  

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Successful Ostomy Reversal

Count Down To Reversal…

Hello everyone.
I just found and joined this site a few days ago. I wish I had discovered it sooner. So many helpful tips and hints that even the hospitals dont seem to know.
Anyway, with that being said I begin the count down to my ileostomy reversal.
Five weeks from today.
I know that sounds like its far away, but in my head it’s coming fast and I have no idea what to expect.
A brief history of what happened to me, starts at the end of May 2011. I awoke in the middle of the night with severe cramps and vomiting. A few hours later I was on the table. The doctors say that my large intestine ruptured and I  became septic. I was transferred to a larger hospital when they couldnt stabilize my vital signs. I was kept in a coma for 10 days and awoke with an ileostomy.
The surgeon tells me he removed a foot each of my small and large intestine that was damaged as well as my appendix since he was in the neighbourhood. He gave me the ileostomy as a precaution, to allow my body to recover.
Unfortunatly my extended period in a coma left me with paralysis, foot drop and neuropathy in my legs and hands. I had to learn to walk, write and handle basic tasks all over again.
I was dependant on a wheelchair and walker for an extended period. I was hospitalized for over 50 days.
The reversal surgery had been postponed due to my overall condition and fears i may not be strong enough to handle another surgery.

Since then i have been doing regular physio and feeling much better. I even managed to put back on 20 of the 60 pounds i lost over the summer.

Surgically, since my release from hospital there have been no complications, no pain, no fever, nothing to indicate a problem.

I colonoscopy a few weeks ago showed all is well and the date has been set for Feb 21, 2012.

Nothing to do but wait now..

After all that, if you are still reading, can anyone offer tips, suggestions or even thoughts on what to expect post op?

Thanks and best wishes to everyone here.


P.S. I will admit that after reading several posts in this section, there seems to be a lot of negativity concerning complications after reversal…should i consider not having it done?

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Count Down To Reversal…